How to Prepare for Your Trip to the Farm?

How do you pack for a field trip, especially if you are going to a field, literally? Alright, that pun was in a bad taste, but it’s still a valid question. Don’t worry, following you will find all the help you need to pack right for such a trip.

Wear Layers

When visiting a farm, its best to dress up in layers. You need to pack a sweatshirt or a jacket even if you are afraid it is going to be a warm day. It can be windy on the farm at times, especially if it is on a hilltop. Therefore, hats and jackets are your friends.

Comfortable Footwear

When packing for the farm, you better pack sturdy yet comfortable boots, something with treads on the bottom. You are going to walk through fields. It’s important you have some good boots because the ground is usually damp at that time.

Wear Something You Don’t Mind Getting Dirty

When visiting the farm, you better pack a pair of jeans and a rugged overcoat. If you believe there will be rain, then you better wear a jacket and a hat. It will keep you dry. The fields are damp, especially during the morning. So be careful and take precautions.

this image shows a farmer harvesting herbs be aware and prepare for your trip to the farm
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What is Agritourism and its Benefits?

Agritourism is a bridge that connects both farmers and consumers. It’s a way for people to experience the country life and where their food do comes from, and how it is processed. The visitors are encouraged to participate in different activities with the likes of picking their own fruits and vegetables. They can also take part in nature walks or even blacksmithing.

It Supports the Local Farms

The activities found at farm trips are not only leisure pursuits. These have a positive economic impact for the farmers.

the benefits of agri tourism and this image of a lady harvesting honey

According to a recent survey, around sixty million people go to farm trips for their vacation every year. It helps generate an additional income for $1-1.5 for the agricultural sector. Farmers can really use this money.

The agritourism has opened a new revenue for the hardworking farmers who once only relied on the income generated from retail sale or wholesale.

The Biggest Farming Community in US

Massachusetts is known as the biggest farming community in US. It enjoyed an increase of 95% since 2007. During this time, the agritourisim grew to 127%. … Read the rest

The Current Challenges of Agri-Tourism Industry

this image shows one of the current challenges of agri tourism industry

Being an enterprise the agritourism is rather sophisticated. But it doesn’t mean there are no current challenges. The biggest issue with agriculture tourism is the workers are too busy with their daily routine which consists of growing crops, tending to their needs, harvesting and selling the product.

They usually forget about taking care of their guests and this leaves a sore taste for the guest, who traveled and paid to have a wonderful experience. Big farms with corporate buyers understand the diversity of farm tourism but the ordinary farm, who can really use the extra revenue doesn’t think he can make some money by this additional income stream.


A crucial element for any business, most farms that do offer good hospitality to people wanting to visit a farm for their vacations fails to have guests because they didn’t market themselves properly. It’s not because they don’t know how to do it properly.

Yes, they can offer lectures and workshops to inspire more people but it won’t be of great help. They need to hire a professional buy most farms lack the budget to do so.

The Need for Investment

Every business at its start needs an initial investment. Farms need money for a lot of other things besides buying seeds and fertilizers. They also need to rent equipment and transport crops to the local outposts.

When it comes to tours, they have to arrange tours entail logistics and take care of the transportation costs. There are companies that are helping farms set themselves up for a tour but it’s a long way.

Lack of Interest

This is the harsh reality, most people are not interested in visiting a farm during their vacation. As a matter of fact, farm tourism can only take off with patronage, without the visitors, it’s impossible for a farmer to make money during the lean season. Bad rural infrastructure is a leading reason it’s much more of an obstacle.

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Why Should You Take Your Kids to the Farm At Least Once?

this picture shows kids at the farm why should you bring your kids to the farm at least once

Why should you take your kids to a farm? It’s a good question, however, the answer is a bit long. With that said, the following are a few benefits of visiting a farm with your kid. It helps him in several ways like improving their fine motor skills, cognitive functions, etc.

Improves their Appreciation for Mother Nature

It’s a grim reality that most children don’t know where the food comes from. If they are lucky enough to visit a farm, they will understand where does their favorite food come from.

Visiting the farm will help them understand that plants are grown and meat is obtained from animals. You can introduce your kids to these concepts depending on their age.

It Encourages Healthy Living

Going outside to play and get dirty used to be a part of growing up. Instead, today’s children have their phones, tablets, and whatnot. Sure it’s safe to sit in their pajamas all day but we have taken away a very important part of their childhood, which is getting back on your feet once you fall.

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